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June Declaration


Sex Workers National Network

(18 & 19 June 2002)

  1. To ensure the civil rights of the sex workers as the citizens of Bangladesh.
  2. To eradicate all the misconceptions about sex work in the legal system.
  3. To ensure participation in the process of development project planning and implementation activities by sex workers.
  4. To include mothers name at the time of Birth Registration of the children of the sex workers.
  5. To ensure social status of sex profession.
  6. To ensure the legal status of the sex work.
  7. Sex workers would take the initiative to prevent young and under-aged girls to come to this profession.
  8. To stop all types of torture and harassment on sex workers and for sex work.
  9. To give recognition to the transgender besides men and women for preparing Voterís list.
  10. Eviction of sex workers from brothels would not be allowed.
  11. Proper measures should be taken to educate the children of the sex workers as well as provide them the environment for normal up bringing in the society.
  12. To stop illegal harassment over the income of the sex workers.
  13. To take proper actions for the burial rights of the dead sex workers.
  14. The sex workers are not vagrants and therefore they should not be put into Vagrancy homes.
  15. We want the recognition for the different organizations of the sex workers.

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