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This report was compiled by Joanne Csete, HIV/AIDS Program. It was reviewed by Widney Brown and Joe Saunders, Program Office; James Ross, Legal and Policy Office; LaShawn Jefferson and Janet Walsh, Women’s Rights Division; Lois Whitman, Michael Bochenek, and Tony Tate, Children’s Rights Division; Bronwen Manby and Nobuntu Mbelle, Africa Division; and Rebecca Schleifer and Jonathan Cohen, HIV/AIDS Program. It is based on previously published work by Jo Becker, Jonathan Cohen, Joanne Csete, Corinne Dufka, Janet Fleischman, Erika George, Lisa Karanja, Juliane Kippenberg, Rebecca Schleifer, Louise Ludlam-Taylor, Bronwen Manby, Binaifer Nowrojee, Jemera Rone, Tony Tate, Janet Walsh and Annette Weber. Production assistance was provided by Tommy Yeh, Andrea Holley, Rebecca Schleifer, and Veronica Matushaj. Graphic design was done by Ben Rinehart.

We are grateful to the hundreds of African women and girls who courageously shared their experiences with us and dedicate this report to them.

We also acknowledge with gratitude the financial support of the Rockefeller Foundation.

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December 2003