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Solemn declaration

Brigade Leader Liang Junling:

All along I have held the opinion that Falungong is the most righteous and the best heavenly law. No matter whether one is talking about practitioners themselves or about any one individual in all of society, it is completely beneficial and does no harm whatsoever, so one should practice firmly.

I was transferred from Luozai Education Through Labor Bureau to Wang village for "transformation work." People relentlessly forced crooked and evil theories into my brain in order to cheat and control me, and under pressure they made me write so-called material saying that I repented my mistakes, disclosed my shortcomings, recognized my faults, etc. But none of those were my sincere words. This should all be very clear to you. Because many times I declared to you and Brigade Leader Luo and others: all that I said was poured in by other people by force; all that I said were others' opinions, not at all my own way of thinking.

The filmed video also was made under pressure, and according to your director we were performing a play, so it does not have realistic value.

Now I again write a letter to convey a solemn declaration through the written word. I declare that all the so-called material I wrote and videos in which I was featured in the Wang Village Education Through Labor Institution are false. I also request you to convey to the relevant leaders and departments never to use this kind of false material to vilify me and deceive other people who don't know the truth.

Zhang Kunlun, January 16, 2001

118 Translation by Human Rights Watch.

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