Discrimination Against Palestinian
Arab Children in Israel's Schools

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Discrimination Against Palestinian Arab Children in the Israeli Educational System - a New York University Journal of International Law and Politics article by Zama Coursen-Neff (62 pages, 433 Kb) Information current through end of 2004.

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A severely rusted school building, still in use, stands in mud and water at an Arab primary school in Israel. © 2001 Zama Coursen-Neff/Human Rights Watch



    List of Tables

  1. Summary

  2. Recommendations

  3. Separate Systems

  4. Consequences Of Discrimination

  5. Discrimination In Budget Allocations

  6. School Buildings

  7. In-School Support Services

  8. Vocational And Technical Education

  9. Teacher Qualifications

  10. Kindergartens

  11. Special Education

  12. Curricula

  13. Israel's Obligations Under International And National Law

    Appendix A: Calculation of the Distribution of Teaching Hours

    Appendix B: Numerical Comparison of Jewish and Arab Education in Israel

    Appendix C: Excerpts from the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

    Appendix D: Excerpts from the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

    Appendix E: Excerpts from the Convention on the Rights of the Child

    Appendix F: The Convention against Discrimination in Education

    List of Tables

    Table 1: Drop-Out Rates 1998-1999

    Table 2: Performance on the Matriculation Examinations (Bagrut) 1999-2000

    Table 3: University Admission 1998-1999

    Table 4: University Attendance 1998-1999

    Table 5: Educational Performance of Negev Bedouin 2000

    Table 6: Distribution of Teaching Hours by Grade Level 1999-2000

    Table 7: Distribution of Teaching Hours-Weekly Hours/Student 1999-2000

    Table 8: Distribution of Teaching Hours-Primary Schools in the Northern District 1999-2000

    Table 9: Average Number of Pupils Per Class 1998-1999

    Table 10: Allocation of Teaching Staff: Children Per Full-Time Teacher 1999-2000

    Table 11: Index of Educational Disadvantage-the Ministry of Education's Categorization of Primary and Intermediate Pupils and Schools 1994-1995

    Table 12: Index of Educational Disadvantage: Provision of Services 1994-1995

    Table 13: Number of Classrooms 1990-1998

    Table 14: Schools with Libraries 1994-1996

    Table 15: Counseling in Schools 1994-1996

    Table 16: Truant Officers 1994-1996

    Table 17: Teacher Qualifications: Primary, Intermediate, and Secondary Schools 1997-1998

    Table 18: Programs to Improve Teaching: Primary and Intermediate Schools 1994-1995

    Table 19: Attendance Rates: Private, Municipal, and State Kindergartens 1998-1999

    Table 20: Pupils Per Teaching Staff: Government Kindergartens 1999-2000

    Table 21: Distribution of Teaching Hours for Special Education

    Table 22: Special Education Institutions 1998-1999

    Table 23: Calculation of the Distribution of Teaching Hours 1999-2000

    Table 24: Numerical Comparison of Jewish and Arab Education in Israel

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