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Burqa: A head-to-toe garment worn by women. 

Chadar: A shawl that may be worn loosely around the head.

Chadari: A veil that is culturally specific and variable among different Islamic countries. In Afghanistan, it is a synonym for "burqa". 

Edict: A pronouncement of the Taliban that is binding and enforced. 

Kandahar: A city in southeast Afghanistan (also spelled "Qandahar").

Mahram: A close male relative - that is a husband, father, brother, or son. 

Mujahidin: Literally, "those who struggle." In Afghanistan, this refers specifically to the forces that fought the successive Soviet-backed regimes, although the former mujahidin parties in the United Front continue to use it with reference to themselves.

Namaz: Prayer time for Muslims. 

Religious Police: (colloquial) Officials of the Ministry for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice (al-Amr bi al-Ma'ruf wa al-Nahi `an al-Munkir), also referred to as "PVPV". 

Shalwar: Wide-leg trousers worn under a loose fitting, long blouse as part of traditional regional clothing in Asia and parts of Africa (also known as salvaar).

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