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University of Belgrade Faculty Members
Who Have Been Dismissed or Suspended, or Who Have Left the Faculty in Protest42


At the Faculty of Law:

Assoc. Prof. Vladimir Vodinelic
Prof. Dragoljub Popovic
Assoc. Prof. Dragor Hiber
Asst. Prof. Mirjana Stefanovski
Assoc. Prof. Vesna Rakic-Vodinelic
Asst.43 Goran Svilanovic
Prof. Vojin Dimitrijevic (forced to retire despite contract extension)

At the Faculty of Philology:

Prof. Vladeta Jankovic
Prof. Slobodan Vukobrat
Prof. Djordje Trifunovic
Assoc. Prof. Aleksandar Ilic
Asst. Prof. Zoran Milutinovic
Asst. Branka Nikolic
Lecturer Srdjan Vujica
Lecturer Predrag Stanojevic44


At the Faculty of Law:

Prof. Kosta Cavoski
Prof. Gaso Knezevic
Assoc. Prof. Mirjana Todorovic
Assoc. Prof. Jovica Trkulja
Assoc. Prof. Aleksandra Jovanovic
Assoc. Prof. Radmila Vasic
Asst.. Prof. Slobodanka Nedovic
Asst.. Prof. Dragica Vujadinovic
Asst.. Prof. Olga Popovic

At the Faculty of Philology:

Prof. Dragan Stojanovic
Prof. Ljubisa Jeremic
Assoc. Prof. Ljubomir Ziropadja
Assoc. Prof. Mirka Zogovic
Asst.. Prof. Miodrag Loma
Lector45 Aleksandra Bajazetov-Vucen
Asst. Kornelija Icin
Asst. Adrijana Marcetic
Asst. Jasmina Moskovljevic
Asst. Djordjije Vukovic
Asst. Zorica Nedeljkovic-Vitic
Asst. Zorica Becanovic-Nikolic
Asst. Predrag Brebanovic

At the Faculty of Electrical Engineering:

Prof. Branko Popovic
Prof. Dragan Vasiljevic
Prof. Slavoljub Marjanovic
Prof. Dejan Zivkovic
Prof. Dusan Velasevic
Prof. Jovan Radunovic
Assoc. Prof. Borivoje Lazic
Assoc. Prof. Srbijanka Turajlic
Assoc. Prof. Milenko Cvetinovic
Assoc. Prof. Vladana Likar-Smiljanic
Asst. Milan Ponjavic
Lecturer Predrag Tepavcevic

At the Faculty of Special Education:

Prof. Zarko Trebjesanin
Assoc. Prof. Jelena Djordjevic

Temporary Measures Taken against Professors at Other Faculties:

At the Faculty of Transportation (transferred to a "Research Center"):

Prof. Vera Mijuskovic

At the Faculty of Biology (taken off the teaching list):

Prof. Nikola Tucic
Prof. Gordana Cvijic
Asst.. Prof. Danka Savic

At the Faculty of Mathematics (taken of the teaching list):

Assoc. Prof. Desanka Radunovic
Assoc. Prof. Zoran Lucic

At the Faculty of Economics (first taken off the payroll, than put back with a reduction in salary of about 40 percent):

Assoc. Prof. Refik Secibovic
Assoc. Prof. Goran Milicevic

At the Faculty of Defense and Protection (taken of the teaching list):

Assoc. Prof. Tomislav Smrecnik

At the Faculty of Veterinarian Medicine:

Prof. Gordana Djuric

Faculty Who Left the University in Protest:

At the Faculty of Philology:

a) prematurely retired:

Prof. Zoran Ziletic
Prof. Miodrag Sibinovic
Prof. Darinka Gortan-Premk
Lector Ajsa Djulizarevic-Simic

b) left the faculty:

Asst.. Prof. Zeljko Djuric
Lector Aleksandra Mancic-Milic
Lector Marina Ljujic
Lector Tijana Stojkovic
Asst. Vladimir Ignjatovic

At the Faculty of Political Science:

Prof. Mijat Damjanovic (quit in protest)
Prof. Dobrosav Mitrovic (prematurely retired)

At the Faculty of Biology:

Prof. Ana Savic (quit in protest)
Prof. Miloje Krunic (prematurely retired)
Asst. Jelena Brkljacic

At the Sports Academy:

Assoc. Prof. Slobodan Jaric

At the Faculty of Agriculture:

Prof. Malisa Tosic (quit in protest)

At the Faculty of Forrestry:

Asst. Sladjana Markovic (quit in protest)

At the Faculty of Philosophy:

Asst. Ivana Radovanovic (quit in protest)

At the Faculty of Mining and Geology:

Prof. Radmila Nastic

42 This appendix is based on information supplied by Goran Milicevic of the Coordinating Committee for the Defense of Universities in Serbia. The information is current as of December 20, 1998.

43 As used in this Appendix, the title “Asst.” or “Assistant” refers to teaching staff, often graduate students, who typically teach eight hours per week but do not examine students. They are hired for four-year terms.

44 Prof. Ranko Bugarski is not included on this list. His case is described at pp. 15-16 above.

45 "Lector” refers to teaching staff hired to assist in foreign language instruction.

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