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Appendix B: Names and Ages of the Residents of Sheba' Expelled in January 1999

Aziza Musa, 60
(the mother of Qassem, Ahmad, Hassan, Muhamed, and Ismail)
Qassem Naba', 25
Nawal Naba', 20 (his wife)
Their children:
Muhamed, twenty months
Clara, six months

Ahmad Naba', 28
Rima Zahra, 25 (his wife)
Their children:
Ghusoon, 5
Anout, 3
Diana, nine months

Rania Daher, 23 (the wife of Hassan Naba', imprisoned in Khiam)
Her children:
Ayat, 3
Muhamed, 2
(Note: Rania was four months pregnant at the time of her interview with Human Rights Watch.)
Muhamed Naba', 31
Khadija Sa'ab, 33 (his wife)
Their children:
Khalil, 10
Khudor, 8
Ala, 7
Shehnaz, eighteen months

Nuhad Naba', 31 (the wife of Ismail Naba', imprisoned in Khiam)
Her children:
Iman, 13
Muhamed, 11
Riham, 8
Rawiya, 5
These were the ages of the expelled family membersat the time of their interview with Human Rights Watch in April 1999.

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