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This report was researched and written by Smita Narula, a researcher for the Asia division of Human Rights Watch. It is based on research conducted in India in April 1999. The report was edited by Patricia Gossman, senior researcher for the Asia division of Human Rights Watch, Sidney Jones, executive director of the Asia division, Wilder Tayler, general counsel, and Cynthia Brown, program director. Production assistance was also provided by Adam Bassine and Elizabeth Weiss, associates for the Asia division of Human Rights Watch, Aparna Ravi, intern, Mike Bochenek, researcher, Alex Frangos, associate, Patrick Minges, publications director, and Fitzroy Hepkins, mail manager.

Human Rights Watch would like to thank the following people and organizations for their generous assistance: Martin Macwan and members of Navsarjan, Gujarat; Parash Chaudary and members of the Center for Social Justice, Gujarat; and John Dayal, national convenor of the United Christian Forum for Human Rights.

We also thank the many people who prefer, for their own well-being that their names not be mentioned-an unfortunate indicator of the volatility surrounding the issue of communal violence in India. We would like to express our gratitude to the many men and women who spoke with us, recounting their personal experiences of hardship and violence. They made this report possible.

Finally, we acknowledge with appreciation the support of the Ford Foundation, which provided funding that has enabled Human Rights Watch to pursue communal violence-related research and advocacy in India.

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