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This report was written by Lisa Misol, Sophie Silberberg Fellow with the Arms Division of Human Rights Watch, and was edited by Joost Hiltermann, the executive director of the Arms Division, and Ernst Jan Hogendoorn, research associate with the Arms Division, as well as by Michael McClintock, the deputy program director of Human Rights Watch, and Wilder Tayler, general counsel to Human Rights Watch. Several other persons at Human Rights Watch with expertise on Bulgaria or countries named in the report reviewed and commented on drafts of the report.

The report is based on research conducted by Ms. Misol and Mr. Hogendoorn, as well as by Brian Braiker, intern at the Arms Division of Human Rights Watch. Mr. Hogendoorn traveled to Bulgaria in February 1999 to conduct interviews with Bulgarian officials, foreign diplomats, journalists, and others. Alex Vines, research associate with the Arms Division and Africa Division of Human Rights Watch, provided extensive research assistance, and Sharda Sekaran, associate with the Arms Division, contributed invaluable administrative and research support. Production assistance was provided by Ms. Sekaran, Patrick Minges, publications director, and Fitzroy Hepkins, mail manager.

In addition, several people outside Human Rights Watch assisted in the research for this report, as did several organizations that made information available to the author. The Arms Division of Human Rights Watch recognizes with special gratitude the assistance of Dr. Daniel N. Nelson, Professor of International Studies, Old Dominion University and Senior Associate, Global Concepts, Inc., Alexandria, VA, and Nikolai Chavdarov, correspondent with the Sega Daily in Sofia, Bulgaria, both of whom made helpful suggestions for Mr. Hogendoorn’s research investigation in Bulgaria.

Human Rights Watch also acknowledges with appreciation the support of the Compton Foundation, NOVIB, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Winston Foundation for World Peace, an anonymous member of the Rockefeller family, and members of the Arms Division’s international advisory committee. Human Rights Watch takes sole responsibility for the content of the report.

Human Rights Watch: Mission Statement
Human Rights Watch is dedicated to protecting the human rights of people around the world.
We stand with victims and activists to bring offenders to justice, to prevent discrimination, to uphold political freedom and to protect people from inhumane conduct in wartime.
We investigate and expose human rights violations and hold abusers accountable.
We challenge governments and those holding power to end abusive practices and respect international human rights law.
We enlist the public and the international community to support the cause of human rights for all.

The staff includes Kenneth Roth, executive director; Michele Alexander, development director; Reed Brody, advocacy director; Carroll Bogert, communications director; Cynthia Brown, program director; Barbara Guglielmo, finance and administration director; Jeri Laber, special advisor; Lotte Leicht, Brussels office director; Patrick Minges, publications director; Susan Osnos, associate director; Jemera Rone, counsel; Wilder Tayler, general counsel; and Joanna Weschler, United Nations representative. Jonathan Fanton is the chair of the board. Robert L. Bernstein is the founding chair.

Its Arms Division was established in 1992 to monitor and prevent arms transfers to governments or organizations that commit gross violations of internationally recognized human rights and the rules of war and promote freedom of information regarding arms transfers worldwide. Joost R. Hiltermann is the executive director; Stephen D. Goose is the program director; Loretta Bondì is the advocacy coordinator; Mary Wareham is the senior advocate; Ernst Jan Hogendoorn and Alex Vines are research associates; Lisa Misol is the Sophie Silberberg Fellow; Sharda Sekaran and Jasmine Juteau are associates; and William M. Arkin, Kathleen Bleakley, and Monica Schurtman are consultants. Torsten N. Wiesel is the chair of the advisory committee, and Nicole Ball and Vincent McGee are the vice-chairs.

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