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ANC, African National Congress── the most widely supported South African opposition movement, founded in 1912, banned in 1960, and legalized in February 1990.

Amabutho── Inkatha warriors.

Amaqabane── supporters of the United Democratic Front.

Assegai── spear.

Casspir── armored truck.

COSATU, Congress of South African Trade Unions ── formed in 1985, is the largest union federation in South Africa. It is sympathetic to the ANC.

Impi── paramilitary group.

InkathaBB A "cultural" movement founded in the 1920s and revived as a "national cultural liberation movement" in 1975, in July 1990 it was launched as a nonracial political party; its membership is predominately Zulu and based in Natal.

KitskonstabelsBB "Instant" constables, who are given only six weeks of training before they are issued weapons and sent out to quell violence.

Kombi── taxi-van.

Knobkerries ──wooden stick-like implements.

Pangas── machetes used to cut sugar cane.

SACP, South African Communist Party ── banned in 1960 and legalized in February 1990.

SADF, South African Defence Forces ── the military branch of the security forces.

SAP, South African Police ── the country's main police force.

Sjambok── hippo-hide whip.

UDF, United Democratic Front ── a coalition of community, labor, religious, youth and other organizations sympathetic to the ANC, formed in 1983.

ZP, KwaZulu Police ── the police force of the homeland of KwaZulu.

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January 1991