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An Annual Review of Developments

and the Bush Administration's

Policy on Human Rights Worldwide

January 1991

Human Rights Watch Human Rights Watch

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New York, NY 10017-6104 Washington, DC 20005-1202

Tel (212) 972-8400 Tel (202) 371-6592

Fax (212) 972-0905 Fax (202) 371-0124

Copyright 1991 by Human Rights Watch

All Rights Reserved.

Printed in the United States of America

ISBN 0-929692-83-7

ISSN 1054-948X

Human Rights Watch

Human Rights Watch monitors and promotes observance of internationally recognized human rights worldwide.

Executive Committee

Chairman, Robert L. Bernstein; Vice Chairman, Adrian W. DeWind; Members: Roland Algrant, Lisa Anderson, Peter Bell, William Carmichael, Dorothy Cullman, Irene Diamond, Jonathan Fanton, Jack Greenberg, Alice H. Henkin, Stephen Kass, Marina Kaufman, Jeri Laber, Aryeh Neier, Bruce Rabb, Kenneth Roth, Orville Schell, Sophie C. Silberberg, Gary Sick, Nadine Strossen, Robert Wedgeworth.


Executive Director, Aryeh Neier; Deputy Director, Kenneth Roth; Washington Director, Holly J. Burkhalter; California Director, Ellen Lutz; Press Director, Susan Osnos; Counsel, Jemera Rone; Women's Project Director, Dorothy Q. Thomas; Prison Project Director, Joanna Weschler; Research Associate, Allyson Collins; Orville Schell Fellows, Richard Dicker, Robert Kushen, Dinah PoKempner; Managing Director, Hamilton Fish; Business Manager, Stephanie Steele.

Executive Directors

Africa Watch Americas Watch Asia Watch

Rakiya Omaar Juan E. Méndez Sidney R. Jones

Helsinki Watch Middle East Watch

Jeri Laber Andrew Whitley

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