French President Hollande should strengthen the protections of schools and universities from military use during armed conflict. It's time for France to sign the Safe Schools Declaration.


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What is the Safe Schools Declaration?


“Hundreds of thousands of children worldwide find their schools under attack or used by fighting forces to wage war,” said Zama Coursen-Neff, children’s rights director at Human Rights Watch. “The Safe Schools Declaration provides a concrete way for countries to commit to protecting children’s education, even during armed conflict.”

ALL children have the right to a safe education.

Around the world, schools are attacked or being occupied by military forces and armed groups in conflict zones... Sports fields become battlefields. Classrooms become munitions rooms. This has a devastating effect on children. It endangers their lives, their teachers’ lives, and denies hundreds of thousands of children their right to education.
It is time we put an end to this threat!
The Safe Schools Declaration is a political commitment to protect education during armed conflict, ensuring a country’s future. So far,  56 countries have endorsed it, including half of the European Union member states, 13 NATO member states, and 12 La Francophonie member states. Many of the countries most affected by the problem of attacks on schools and military use of schools have joined the declaration, including Afghanistan, the Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Somalia, South Sudan, and Sudan. 

It is time France became the 57th.

Who has signed so far?