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Government, IOC, FIBA Should Investigate Players’ Allegations

Players from Mali’s Under-18 girls’ national basketball team have reported sexual abuse by the head coach, but the Mali Basketball Federation has failed to act on their reports.

Detaining People to Coerce Others is Collective Punishment

(Bangkok) – Myanmar security forces are arbitrarily arresting and detaining family and friends of activists, protesters and opposition members.

UN Human Rights Council Should Launch Own Investigation

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte’s chilling promise to “drug pushers, holdup men, and do-nothings, you better get out […] because I’ll kill you” may finally come back to haunt him.

Enact John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, For the People Act

The United States Congress should swiftly pass two critical laws needed to protect and advance the right to vote – the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act and the For the People Act.

Fifth US State Ends Marriage Under 18; UK Pledges to do the Same

There have been important steps recently in the global fight to end child marriage, but more work lies ahead.

With debates about waiving intellectual property rules for Covid-19 vaccines and other health products heating up, all eyes will be on Chancellor Angela Merkel. Merkel has stood in the way of the waiver, making it harder for the world’s poor to swiftly get vaccines, treatments, and testing kits.

Trending rights tweets this week: Two former Israeli ambassadors to South Africa say Israel is committing the crime of apartheid today; since the coup in Myanmar, women are reporti

Trending rights tweets this week.

Katherine La Puente Katherine La Puente
Associate, Children's Rights Division