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The Exiles: A Trip to the Border Highlights Venezuela’s Devastating Humanitarian Crisis

What You Were Watching

Top 10 Human Rights Videos of 2018

This year’s most-watched human rights videos covered breaking news events happening around the world, but two crisis in particular drew people’s attention to our videos – the Rohingya genocide in Burma and Venezuela’s deteriorating humanitarian crisis. Here are our top 10 videos.

10. Burma: Methodical Massacre at Rohingya Village
The Burmese army carried out systematic killings and rape of several hundred Rohingya Muslims in Tula Toli village.

9. Egypt: Army Building Demolition in Southern Rafah, Sinai
The Egyptian army has destroyed people’s homes, farms and commercial buildings in the northern part of its Sinai Peninsula.

8. Cameroon in Crisis
Government security forces and armed separatists have committed grave abuses against residents of Cameroon’s Anglophone region. 

7. Ricardo Montaner and Human Rights Watch Campaign for Venezuela
Latin music superstar Ricardo Montaner asks Latin America to join him in standing up for Venezuelans - victims of their government's crackdown.

6. Thailand: Forced Labor, Trafficking Persist in Fishing Fleets
Forced labor and other rights abuses are widespread in Thailand’s fishing fleets.

5. China: Officials Impose Home Visits on Muslim Families
Chinese officials have imposed regular “home stays” on families in the predominantly Muslim region of Xinjiang, subjecting them to political indoctrination. 

4. No Longer Alone
LGBT rights activists from across the Middle East and North Africa bring you on a journey of self-discovery, solidarity and strength.

3. Burmese Government Demolishes Rohingya Villages
Satellite imagery reveals the Burmese government has been bulldozing scores of depopulated Rohingya villages.

2. Ethiopia: Torture in Somali Region Prison
After releasing our report on Ethiopia’s Jail Ogaden, notorious for arbitrary detention and torture, authorities released many of the jail’s prisoners and announced that it will close. The Somali language version of this video also drew thousands.

And our most watched video this year is ...

1. Venezuelan Crisis Spills Over to Brazil
People are fleeing Venezuela’s humanitarian crisis by the thousands. Many have come to Brazil, arriving malnourished and sick. 



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