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Human Rights Watch Letter to Labour Policy Council Re: Draft Paper on Combatting Violence and Harassment at Work

Labour Policy Council


TOKYO 100-8916



Re: Comments on Draft Paper on Combatting Violence and Harassment at Work

Dear members of the Labour Policy Council,

I write to you to provide Human Rights Watch’s comments and recommendations on Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare’s November 19, 2018 draft paper for measures to combat violence and harassment at work, which we understand you are discussing over the next few weeks.

As you know, violence and harassment at work is a serious issue and has been well documented through studies by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare and the Japan Institute on Labour Policy and Training, as well as numerous other trade union and nongovernmental groups. Unfortunately, Japan’s laws have limited protections to protect workers from all forms of violence and harassment at work.

We believe this is an important opportunity for the government, employers and workers to ensure a safe working environment free of violence and harassment for all by reforming existing laws and considering proposals for new legislation. We hope you can take into account our comments and recommendations attached to this letter as you continue these important discussions at the Council.

Please contact Kanae Doi, director of Human Rights Watch’s Tokyo office at xxxxxxxxxxxxxx or xxx-xxx-xxxx, or Rothna Begum, senior researcher in the Women’s Rights Division, at xxxxxxxxxxxxxx or +1-xxx-xxx-xxxx, should you have any further questions. We hope to work together to end all forms of violence and harassment in the workplace.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Rothna Begum                                                          Kanae Doi

Senior Women’s Rights Researcher                      Japan Director

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