Statement 01

The statement says: “On 01/15/2010, at around 1:30pm, during an operation against drug trafficking in the Sereno favela, after getting out of armored vehicle number 510017, along with his fellow police officer Josinaldo Vieira do Nascimento, at Pedro Taques Street, they went up the hill up to the middle of the favela, where they saw about eight individuals who, upon noticing the presence of the declarant and his fellow officer opened fire several times with the weapons they were carrying. The declarant and his fellow officer responded to such act of unjust aggression. As a result, the criminals dispersed. When the declarant walked to the place where the criminals had been, he found two of them injured, lying on the ground. One of them had a .30 assault rifle and the other one had a 9 mm pistol without identification. Along with Josinaldo, he put the two individuals in the armored vehicle and took them to Getúlio Vargas Hospital, where they died. Without anything else to add, I ask the Police Authority to close this statement, which I have read and agree with. Signed”