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Human Rights Watch World Report 1998


Human Rights Watch/Africa

December 1996-January 1997/Democratic Republic of Congo: Respect for rights under new government.

February/Mozambique: Advocacy on landmines.

February/Zambia: Research on human rights since 1996 elections.

March/U.N. Commission on Human Rights: Submission on Internally displaced persons in Kenya, Somali refugees, women and refugees in South Africa.

April/Zambia: Human rights since the 1996 elections.

April/ICTR: Monitor efficacy of the International Criminal Tribunal on Rwanda; investigate gender-based crimes; workshop on prosecution of sexual violence.

May/ICTR: Testimony at the International Criminal Tribunal on Rwanda.

May/Belgium: Testimonyat the Belgian Senate Commission investigating role of Belgium in the genocide in Rwanda.

June-July/Burundi: Human rights abuses against civilians during the civil war.

July/Liberia: Prospects for respect for human rights under the new Liberian government.

July/Nigeria: Corporate responsibility in the Niger delta.

July-August/Ethiopia: Current civil and political rights situation.

July-August/Democratic Republic of Congo: Civilian killings and government impunity.

August/Democratic Republic of Congo: Rights under the new government.

August-September/Nigeria: Investigated transition to civilian rule.

October/Southern Sudan: Updated the state of human rights in the 14 year-old civil war (monitored and engaged parties to the conflict in dialogue on rules of war)..

November 1996/South Africa: Researched violence against women and the medico-legal system.

Human Rights Watch/Americas

March/Venezuela: Released the "Punishment Before Trial: Prison Conditions in Venezuela" report. Met with high-level government officials, including the Venezuelan President, members of the Cabinet, Congress and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

March/Colombia: Advocacy mission. Met with President Samper, members of the Cabinet, NGOs and the media.

April/Mexico: Released "Implausible Deniability: State Responsibility for Rural Violence in Mexico" report. Met with government authorities including the Attorney General, as well as NGOs.

April/ Miami: Researched human rights violations in Cuba.

April/Peru: Investigated reports of torture for a forthcoming report.

May/Colombia: International humanitarian law impact of drug eradication in Colombia.

June/Brazil: Released the Portuguese version of the report "Police Brutality in Urban Brazil." Met with state and federal officials in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Brasilia, as well as the media.

June-July/Honduras and Guatemala: Researched violations for the 1998World Report, as well as the specific issue of impunity in Guatemala.

July/Venezuela: Researched police brutality and violence in the country.

July-August/Colombia: Researched forced displacement of Colombians.

July-August/Haiti and the Dominican Republic: Researched violations for the1998 World Report.

July-August/ Spain: Met with governmental officials, NGOs, the press and members of the political opposition.

August/Guatemala:Released "Guatemala's Forgotten Children" report. Met with high-level government officials and the press.

September/Brazil: Met with President Cardoso and the Brazilian Minister of Justice.

September/Colombia: Advocacy Mission. Met with the President and other high-level officials, members of Parliament, and NGOs.

Human Rights Watch/Asia

January/ Indonesia: Investigated outbreaks of ethnic violence.

March-April/Hong Kong: Investigated prison conditions in Hong Kong.

March/Malaysia: Observer mission to the trial of labor rights activist Irene Fernandez and investigation of abuses against migrant workers.

March-April/Thailand: Lead sessions on using international law and on forging linkages among NGOs as part of a two-week Asian regional study session on human rights

April/ Geneva: Monitored debates on the China resolution at the meeting of the United Nations Human Rights Commission.

May-June/Thailand: Examined the situation of Burmese refugees in Thailand in light of an influx of 20,000 Karen refugees since February 1997.

May-June/Hong Kong: Investigated China's control of religious practice.

May/Japan: Advocacy mission. Discussed Japanese foreign policy with government officials and NGOs and attended the Asian Development Bank meetings in Fukuoka.

July/Thailand and Indonesia: Investigated causes of ethnic violence in West Kalimantan and collected information on East Timor.

August/Geneva: Advocacy mission for the protection of the rights of Burmese refugees in Thailand.

October/Vietnam: Investigated human rights violations occurring in the course of rural unrest.

October/North Korea: Investigated links between the North Korean famine and human rights violations.

November/Indonesia: Investigated alleged labor rights abuses.

November/APEC - Vancouver: Advocacy Mission. Attended the People's Summit on APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation), the parallel NGO meeting to the APEC summit, to participate in meetings on worker rights, media freedom, women's rights and cooperative NGO strategies on human rights.

Human Rights Watch/Helsinki

January-July/Uzbekistan: Maintained presence in Toshkent office, investigated abuses of media freedom, police brutality.

January-March/Northern Ireland: Investigated police brutality and encouraged emergency legislation.

February/Serbia: Researched post-election crackdown, police brutality.

February/ Eastern Slavonia, Croatia: Preparations for the transfer of authority in the region to Croatian control.

February/Bosnia and Hercegovina: Maintained presence in Sarajevo office. Researched Bihac.

March/Bosnia and Hercegovina: Researched ethnic tension and influence of war criminals in Mostar.

March/Tajikistan: Maintained presence in Dushanbe office, general monitoring, prison conditions, etc.

May/Armenia: Investigated freedom of association and the press.

June/Bosnia and Hercegovina: Investigated central Bosnia

June/Northern Ireland: Researched summer marching season and report follow-up.

June/Khojent, Tajikistan: Investigated problems of Uzbek minority.

July/Romania: Researched anti-homosexual legislation.

August/Bosnia and Hercegovina: Investigated post-conflict problems for women.

August/Turkey and Greece: Investigated free expression (Turkey) and problems of Turkish minority (Greece).

September/Bosnia and Hercegovina: Researched municipal elections.

September-October/Bosnia and Hercegovina: Researched efficacy of International Police Task Force.

September - November/Russia: Investigated prison conditions throughout Russia.

September - October/Eastern Slavonia and Krajina, Croatia: Reassessed situation in Eastern Slavonia.

November/Azerbaijan and Armenia: Investigated repression of civil and political rights in increasingly authoritarian atmosphere.

November/Bosnia and Hercegovina: Investigated ethnic tension in Sarajevo suburbs

Human Rights Watch/Middle East

December 1996 & February1997/Europe: Advocacy on Euro-Mediterranean Association-Agreement with Israel, Tunisia and Morocco.

January-February/Europe: Interviewed minorities in Iran.

March-April/Algeria: Looked at human rights conditions on the eve of legislative elections. Interviewed journalists, lawyers, political party leaders, government officials, victims of human rights violations or their relatives.

May/Tunisia: Attended meeting of the Arab Lawyers Union

June/France: Testified at European Parliament hearing on Tunisia.

June/Egypt: Consulted with Egyptian human rights organizations on possible collaboration.

July/Egypt: Researched deaths in custody and the state's investigation of these deaths.

July/UK: Interviewed an Iraqi military defector and do advocacy on Bahrain.

The Arms Project

January/Turkey: Attended trial of publisher and translator of Human Rights Watch report.

February/Japan: Advocacy at mine clearance conference

February/Vienna: Advocacy mission to landmine ban treaty conference

February/Mozambique: Advocacy mission at NGO conference on landmines

February-July/ Eritrea, Ethiopia, Sudan: Researched arms flows.

March/Turkey: Attended trial of publisher and translator of Human Rights Watch report.

March/Former Yugoslavia: Researched on chemical weapons use.

April/Bonn: Advocacy mission to landmine ban treaty conference.

May/South Africa: Advocacy mission for mine-free zone in Southern Africa at landmine ban treaty conference.

September/Oslo: Advocacy mission to landmine ban treaty conference.

The Children's Rights Project

May/Uganda: Investigated of abductions of children by the Lord's Resistance Army in northern Uganda.

June/In-country release of "Juvenile Injustice: Police Abuse and Detention of Street Children in Kenya." Advocacy trip to Nairobi, Kenya.

The Women's Rights Project

April/Tanzania: Advocacy mission to International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda

May/ Pakistan: Investigated state response to violence against women.

May/Mexico: Follow-up mission on sex discrimination in the maquiladoras in Mexico.

June/The Hague: Advocacy mission to International Criminal Tribunal for former Yugoslavia.

September-August/Bosnia and Herce-govina: Investigated post-conflict problems for women.

October/Mexico: Follow-up mission on sex discrimination in the maquiladora in Mexico


March/Hong Kong: Investigated prison conditions.

July/Indiana: Examined conditions at two super-maximum security prisons in Indiana.

October/Geneva: Advocacy mission to session of the Working Group on the draft Optional Protocol to the Convention Against Torture.

November-December/Brazil: Investigated prison conditions in Brazil.


1996-1997/US: Researched on the human rights impact of drug sentencing in New York for nonviolent, and low-level drug offenders.

May/Colombia: International humanitarian law impact of drug eradication in Colombia.

Academic Freedom

September/Indonesia: Explored academic freedom issues in Indonesia.

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