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Howe & Co. -- January 1998 -- Claims it did not deny pregnant women applicants work. Letter did not address whether women applying for work had to undergo pregnancy exams as a condition for employment.

Zenith Electronics Corp. -- May 1998 -- NONE

Sensus Technologies Inc. -- January 1998 -- NONE

Siemens Aktiengesellschaft -- May 1998 -- Assures Human Rights Watch that all practices were in conformity with Mexican federal labor law. Promised thorough investigation.

Hubbel Inc. -- January 1998 -- NONE

General Motors Corp. -- January 1998 -- Reaffirms its commitment to equality in the hiring process. Denied lapse in policy. Said that urine samples from women applicants were used for drug testing

National Processing Corp. -- January 1998 -- Denies pre- and post-hire pregnancy testing, including requiring women to show used sanitary napkins in order to retain positions.

Lear Corp. -- January 1998 -- Denies pre-hire urine tests and post-hire sanitary napkin check as ever being practiced. Alludes to one or two policy adjustments which were not identified.

Thomson Consumer Electronics -- January 1998 -- NONE

Pacific Dunlop (Ansell Perry) -- July 1998 -- Argues that all practices with respect to employment of females are in full compliance with Mexican law. Argues that preemployment testing is permissible in Mexico. Admits to conducting such tests, but argues it is to protect pregnant workers, not to deny them work.

Intermex -- May 1998 -- NONE


Alpha Southwest -- January 1998 -- NONE

Douglas Furniture of California -- January 1998 -- Claims that it was not in violation of any law.

Industrial Arcos -- May 1998 -- NONE

Rainbird January -- 1998 -- NONE

ComAir Rotron Inc. -- January 1998 -- NONE

Samsung Group -- January 1998 -- Claims all practices are in conformity with local law. Denies asking women applicants whether they are pregnant, either in a pre-hire medical interview or during personnel interviews.

SAFT -- July 1998 -- NONE

North American Communication -- January 1998 -- NONE

Vertek International -- January 1998 -- NONE
Custom House

American Frame Manufacturing -- January 1998 -- NONE

Sanyo Electric Co. -- January 1998 -- NONE

Tagit Inc. January -- 1998 -- NONE

Confecciones Paolas -- January 1998 -- NONE

Matsushita Electric Corp. -- January 1998 -- NONE

Tyco International -- May 1998--  In contradiction of information provided to Human Rights Watch in an interview with Tyco International’s maquiladora Plásticos BajaCal officials on May 21, 1997, Tyco International denies that it conducts pregnancy tests, pre- or post-hire pregnancy exams.

Leviton Manufacturing -- January 1998 -- NONE

United Solar Systems Co. -- January 1998 -- Promises to discontinue discriminatory practices we outlined in our letter (pre-hire pregnancy testing; denial of work to pregnant applicants; asking women applicants whether they are pregnant on application forms).

Jeld-Wen Inc. -- July 1998 -- NONE

Esselte Pemvaflex Co. -- January 1998 -- NONE


Magnolia International -- May 1998 -- NONE

Precision Cable Manufacturing -- May 1998 -- NONE

Johnson Controls -- May 1998 -- NONE

Shin-Etsu Polymer America -- May 1998 -- Admits that it tests female applicants for pregnancy but claims it is to give them accommodating work. Claims that it does not deny female applicants work because of pregnancy.

Zenith Corp. -- May 1998 -- NONE

St. Mary’s Sewing -- May 1998 -- NONE

Duro Bag Inc. -- July 1998 -- NONE

27 Letters were not sent to parent companies where 1) parent company was unknown; 2) maquiladora plant had closed; 3) testimonies were from u.s. nao hearing in Brownsville, Texas, unless corporation appeared elsewhere in report.

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