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Socialist Republic of Vietnam

Independence - Freedom - Happiness


To: Ea H'leo Commune People's Committee

Name: [Withheld] Birthdate: 1960

Village: [Village Name Withheld], Ea H'leo Commune Ea H'leo, Dak Lak

Regarding Political Activities, February 5, 2001 in Ea H'leo.

After having recognized my mistakes, reconsidered and listened to the opinion of the entire population in my hamlet, listened to the law and the progress being made in [our community], I truly recognize my mistakes and honestly swear by signing this pledge to officially promise to the local authorities regarding the following:

1. Honestly and with all my effort I will try to correct myself and never violate any laws.

2. I will not listen to the perpetrators / bad group, never follow their advice or orders but instead, report the efforts of those who are trying to make use of the good progress our revolution has brought for the unity of the entire population. I promise to protect and maintain the security and public order of my entire community.

3. With all my strength I will confidently participate in the production effort [i.e. work hard] to create good opportunities for my family and the entire society.

4. I will build a new way of life with new cultural values for the family and reject all kinds of superstition [meaning religion].

5. I will completely follow all advice, instructions, and laws provided by the party and the state.

If I violate the above points I have signed I will face complete responsibility under the laws of our country.

_________________________ ___________________

(Official Signature and seal) Ea H'leo, 26 May 2001

Ea H'leo Commune People's Committee Pledger's Name

Chairman, R Chum Y Rok

509 Original Vietnamese language document, obtained by Human Rights Watch in October 2001, is on file at Human Rights Watch.

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