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Socialist Republic of Vietnam

Independence - Freedom - Happiness


To: Peoples Committee of [name withheld] Village, Ea H'Leo, Dak Lak

cc: [Name Withheld] Elementary School

My name is: [Name withheld]

Place of Birth: [Village and Commune withheld], Ea H'Leo

Religion: Protestant

In the immediate past I have been studying at the kindergarten teachers' normal school of Dak Lak Province. I have now graduated and returned home. I am awaiting acceptance by the local authorities and by the school board of the [name withheld] Elementary School.

I solemnly undertake as follows:

I will obey all of the rules and regulations of the school and all laws of the state.

I will complete any and all tasks assigned to me by my superiors.

I will not do anything contrary to the political program of the Party or the laws of the state.

If I fail to comply with any of the foregoing I will accept legal responsibility.

By the person making this undertaking: [signature]

The decision of the Peoples Committee of [name withheld] Village upon receipt of the foregoing guarantee by [name withheld] is that it cannot yet request the school to hire her.

If she undertakes in writing to abandon Protestantism then the Village Committee will permit the school to hire her.

On behalf of the Peoples Committee,

[seal and signature]

507 Original Vietnamese language document, obtained by Human Rights Watch in September 2001, is on file at Human Rights Watch.

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