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Sebastian Brett, Human Rights Watch's researcher on the Southern Cone and Andean countries, researched and wrote this report. Former Deputy Director of the Americas Division, Anne Manuel, and Program Director Malcolm Smart edited the manuscript. Legal and Policy Director Wilder Tayler, and Americas Division Executive Director José Miguel Vivanco, also reviewed the text. Americas Division Associate Jon Balcom gave logistical support and worked on the production of the report. We are grateful for the valuable assistance of Americas Division interns Laura Fernández and Cármen Fernández-Baldor in researching the chapter on the United States.

In Buenos Aires, our thanks go to Horacio Verbitsky, president of the Buenos-Aires based Center for Legal and Social Studies (Centro de Estudios Legales y Sociales, CELS) and member of the Americas Division's Advisory Committee, for his unstinting advice and support. We are very grateful to Victor Abramovich, Executive Director of CELS, and María José Guembe and Valeria Barbuto of CELS's Memory Program for generously sharing their files and experience. 

We thank Carlos Osorio of the National Security Archive for allowing us to cite from its valuable collection of declassified documents on Argentina before their publication.

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