March 2000

Domestic violence is a serious, long-standing problem in Peru. Every year, thousands are beaten, raped, or psychologically abused by their intimate partners. Peru adopted the Law for Protection from Family Violence in 1993. The law, one of the first of its kind to be adopted in Latin America, was intended to ensure that victims of domestic violence have swift and effective access to protection and justice, but its impact has been disappointing.  More..

October 1999

This report documents a virtual epidemic of crimes of violence against women, including domestic violence rates over 70 percent, at least eight reported rapes every 24 hours nationwide, and an alarming rise in so-called honor killings. As a result of dismissive official attitudes, crimes of violence against women continue to be perpetrated with near total impunity. More..

July 1998

Thirty-one women have filed a class action lawsuit against the Michigan Department of Corrections, charging that prison management has failed to prevent sexual assault and abuse by guards and staff. This report documents how women inmates who have been raped by guards in Michigan prisons are suffering retaliation by their attackers.  More..

December 1997

Violence against women is a pervasive problem in Russia. This report examines the Russian government's shortcomings in responding to sexual and/or domestic violence, including the failure to afford victims of violence the protection of the law required by the international human rights treaties to which Russia is a party.  More..

August 1997

This report documents the flaws of the medico-legal aspect of the criminal justice system in South Africa and its handling of violence against women cases.  More..
Campaigns and other Information

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