Gornje Obrinje—Shelled to Death

The body of Ali Koludra, sixty-two, was found with a bullet hole in the top of the head. He lies dead in an open field in the village of Gornje Obrijne, Kosovo still clutching his cane. His wife was found murdered only meters away.

Fifty year-old Hyra Koludra lies murdered in an open field in the village of Gornje Orbinje, Kosovo. Her husband Ali, also murdered, was found meters away.

This home, like many others in the village of Gornje Obrinje, Kosovo was looted and burned allegedly by Yugoslav forces after being abandoned by its owners. The home shows no signs of bullet or mortar damage, suggesting that it was destroyed by arson from the inside.

A destroyed home in the town of Gornje Obrijne, Kosovo following the assault of Yugoslav forces on this mainly ethnic Albanian village.

©Human Rights Watch 1999

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