Campaign Against Caste Discrimination

In much of Asia and parts of Africa racism has become coterminous with caste in the definition and exclusion of distinct population groups distinguished by their descent. Despite formal protections in law, discriminatory treatment remains endemic and discriminatory societal norms continue to be reinforced by government structures ranging from the police and the lower courts to state and municipal authorities. Express recognition is required that caste-based discrimination bars millions from the exercise of their civil and political, and their economic, social, and cultural rights a precondition for international programs to support the abolition of caste discrimination and to remedy abuses.


Caste at the World Conference Against Racism

Demonstration in front of the Indian Embassy in New York to protest the government's stance on the inclusion of caste based discrimination at the UN World Conference Against Racism. The demonstration is part of a global protest taking place simultaneously on July 3, 2001 in London, Hong Kong, Delhi, Manila, Chicago, Washington, the Netherlands, and Germany. © 2001 Human Rights Watch

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