Background Briefing

Human Rights Watch Reports on Kosovo

Not on the Agenda: The Continuing Failure to Address Accountability in Kosovo Post-March 2004, 5/2006

Failure to Protect: Anti-Minority Violence in Kosovo, March 2004, 7/2004

Under Orders: War Crimes in Kosovo, 10/2001

Kosovo: Rape as a Weapon of “Ethnic Cleansing,” 3/2000

Civilian Deaths in the NATO Air Campaign, 2/2000

A Village Destroyed: War Crimes in Kosovo, 10/1999

Abuses against Serbs and Roma in the New Kosovo, 10/1999

“Ethnic Cleansing” in the Glogovac Municipality, 7/1999

NATO’s Use of Cluster Munitions, 5/1999

Kosovo Flashes 1-50, 3-6/1999

A Week of Terror in Drenica, 2/1999

Detentions and Abuse in Kosovo, 12/1998

Humanitarian Law Violations in Kosovo, 10/1998

Persecution Persists: Human Rights Violations in Kosovo, 12/1996

Human Rights Abuses of Non-Serbs in Kosovo, Sandzak and Vojvodina, 10/1994

Open Wounds: Human Rights Abuses in Kosovo, 3/1994

Abuses Continue in the Former Yugoslavia: Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina, 7/1993

Human Rights Abuses in Kosovo, 10/1992

Human Rights in a Dissolving Yugoslavia, 1/1991

Yugoslavia: Crisis in Kosovo, 3/1990