Background Briefing

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To the United Nations Security Council:

  • Ensure accountability for serious violations of international human rights and humanitarian law in Darfur by promptly referring the situation of Darfur to the International Criminal Court following receipt of the report of the international Commission of Inquiry.
  • Request the U.N. Secretary-General and his Special Representative in Sudan to put in place a clear strategy to reverse ethnic cleansing in Darfur and ensure the security and protection of civilians.  The plan should promote the creation of an environment conducive to the voluntary return in safety and dignity of all refugees and internally displaced persons to their places of origin.
  • Call on the government of Sudan to clearly and unequivocally state that no one is entitled to retain or use of any land illegally acquired during the conflict. A temporary measure interdicting any land transfers should also be put in place.
  • Authorize the African Union Mission in Sudan (AMIS), under Chapter VII of the U.N. Charter, to protect civilians; support, through technical expertise, logistical, communications, and other assistance, the rapid deployment to Darfur of the expanded African Union mission and urge that such forces be strategically deployed near camps and concentrations of displaced persons, and in small towns and rural areas throughout Darfur to provide civilian protection and security for delivery of humanitarian assistance and the eventual voluntary return of refugees and internally displaced persons to their places of origin. 
  • Authorize the United Nations Mission in Sudan (UNMISUD) to cooperate with and support the African Union in Darfur with logistics, personnel and in other ways necessary to improve the protection of civilians.
  • Increase the number of Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights monitors in Darfur, and ensure that they are deployed in Darfur’s cities and smaller towns, in rural areas where internally displaced persons are attempting to return and near camps and concentrations of displaced persons. Extend the monitors’ mandate to include the monitoring and investigation of human rights violations committed by the rebel groups in addition to abuses committed by other parties to the conflict, and to regularly publicly report on the human rights situation in Darfur.

To the African Union:

  • Immediately deploy additional troops in Darfur up to the agreed upon number of 3,300 so that sufficient troops are located near camps and concentrations of internally displaced persons, small towns and rural areas in addition to main towns and require them to investigate, document and publicly report (within and outside Sudan) ceasefire violations, attacks on civilians, and to protect civilians in these areas.  
  • Pro-actively patrol the main roads and villages, particularly in rural areas such as Wadi Saleh and Shattaya, to increase freedom of movement and help create a more secure and stable climate.
  • Map the locations of the key militia camps and post ceasefire monitors at military airstrips, barracks, camps, and offices of all armed entities in Darfur, including the Janjaweed militia, to monitor their activities and their disarmament, disbandment, and withdrawal. 
  • Secure mass grave sites and other key physical evidence of crimes committed by any armed group, including Sudanese armed forces, Janjaweed or other militia, and rebel groups.
  • Closely monitor the government of Sudan’s commitment to “refrain from conducting hostile military flights” in the security protocol signed by the government, the SLA and the JEM in Abuja on November 9, 2004.

To the Government of Sudan:

  • Remove key officials implicated in atrocities from government positions pending international investigations and prosecutions. 
  • Fully cooperate with any future investigation of the crimes against humanity and war crimes committed in Darfur.
  • Take all necessary steps, including by issuing clear public orders to government forces and  police including the Border Intelligence Patrol Guards, and government-sponsored and supplied paramilitary and militia forces including Popular Defense Forces, “fursan,” “knights” or “mujahedeen” internationally known as the Janjaweed, to immediately cease attacks on civilians and civilian property in Darfur.
  • Cease providing the above-mentioned militias and recently-formed police and other units with financial, logistical and military support.
  • Disband, disarm and withdraw the Popular Defense Forces from all parts of Darfur and all other paramilitary, police or other units created after 2001.
  • Clearly and unequivocally state that no one is entitled to retain or use any land illegally acquired during the conflict. A temporary measure interdicting any permanent land transfers should also be put in place.

To the Rebel Groups:

  • Cease violating the N’Djamena ceasefire agreementof April 8, 2004 and the Protocols on the enhancement of the security situation and the improvement of the humanitarian situation in Darfur of November 9, 2004.

To U.N. humanitarian agencies and humanitarian nongovernmental organizations:

  • Promote the protection of civilians simultaneous with the distribution of humanitarian assistance; extends operations into more remote rural areas to the greatest extent possible within security limits; develop a coordinated plan to promptly respond with necessary relief supplies to those who voluntarily return or move out of displaced persons camps to resume economic activity.

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