Background Briefing

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The International Response

The involvement of international interlocutors, including that of the U.N. and regional bodies, in seeking a solution to the conflict in Cabinda has been notably absent. Actors from Portugal, South Korea, Gabon, Namibia, the DRC, United States, and the church have tried to offer mediation support - but the Angolan Government has declined such offers, as it has reportedly always wanted to be in full control of the pace of seeking a solution. As mentioned earlier in this paper, there has been very little international presence in Cabinda-the government of Angola has not sought or reportedly wanted international engagement in Cabinda.

The international community has funded an innovative program to monitor certain police stations in Cabinda in addition to other provinces and provide advice as well as training to police officers regarding national and international standards on detainees’ rights.85 Unfortunately this program, which is implemented by the Angolan Bar Association, has been slow to get off the ground and is only funded for a short time period.  The United Nations Human Rights Office conducted training on human rights for police in Cabinda in October 2004.

[85] Human Rights Watch interview with a donor representative, Luanda, August 24, 2004.

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