1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights
1975 The Helsinki Accords
Fund for Free Expression founded as precursor to Human Rights Watch


1978 Human Rights Watch founded as Helsinki Watch
1981 Americas Watch founded
1985 Asia Watch founded
1987 Prison Project founded
1988 The Watch Committees become Human Rights Watch
The International Film Festival founded
Africa Watch founded
1989 Middle East Watch founded
London office opened
1990 Woman’s Rights Project founded
Los Angeles office opened
1991 Hong Kong office opened
1992 Moscow office opened
Arms Project founded
1994 Brussels office opened
Children’s Rights Project founded
Rio de Janiero office opened
1995 Rwanda emergency office opened
1996 Academic Freedom Project founded
Sarajevo emergency office opened
Tashkent office opened
1997 Dushanbe office opened
1998 Tbilisi office opened
Global refugee program founded