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  • Legislating Impunity

    The Draft Law to Halt Palestinian Tort Claims

    Israel's Ministry of Justice has drafted a law that would exempt the State of Israel and its security forces from tort liability for the wrongful bodily injury and killing of Palestinians during the period of the intifada.

  • Human Rights in Zambia since the 1996 Elections

    On November 18, 1996 presidential and parliamentary elections were held in Zambia, five years almost to the day since the first multiparty elections in November 1991. The election results returned President Frederick Chiluba and his Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) to power; but these were very different elections.

  • Routine Abuse, Routine Denial

    Civil Rights and the Political Crisis in Bahrain

    Human rights abuses in Bahrain are wide-ranging and fall into two basic categories. The first relates to law enforcement and administration of justice issues.

  • No Safety in Burma, No Sanctuary in Thailand

    This report documents the continued systematic violation of internationally recognized human rights by the Burmese military against ethnic minority villagers in Burma’s Karen, Mon, and Shan States during 1996 and 1997.

  • Guatemala's Forgotten Children

    Police Violence and Abuses in Detention

    Thousands of children living in Guatemala's streets face routine beatings, thefts, and sexual assaults at the hands of the National Police and private security guards (who are under the jurisdiction of the Interior Ministry). More serious crimes against street children, including assassination and torture, have lessened since the early 1990s, but still occur.

  • In Its Own Words

    The U.S. Army and Antipersonnel Mines in the Korean and Vietnam Wars

    Most of the world is poised to ban antipersonnel landmines, the indiscriminate weapons that kill or maim an estimated 26,000 civilians each year. More than 100 governments have committed to negotiating a comprehensive ban treaty in Oslo, Norway in September, with the intention of signing the treaty in Ottawa, Canada in December.