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  • Human Rights in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

    Facing serious problems, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia is making the difficult transition from communism to democracy and a free market economy. It also faces the possibility of the Bosnian war overtaking the region.

  • New Developments on Labor Rights

    Even as the Indonesian government repealed a controversial decree and stated it's concern for the welfare of workers, we continued to receive reports of labor rights violations. These violations include the harassment of union members and reports of bonded labor in Irian Jaya.

  • Human Rights Abuses in Algeria

    No One Is Spared

    The Algerian government and the armed Islamist opposition it is fighting are each responsible for a severe deterioration in human rights conditions.

  • Arming Rwanda

    The Arms Trade and Human Rights Abuses in the Rwandan War

    On October 1990, the Rwandese Patriotic Front launched an invasion from neighboring Uganda, aimed at overthrowing the Rwandan government. While the war has stopped in an uneasy peace, an estimated 4,500 people died in the conflict and nearly one million civilians are refugees.

  • Twenty-One Deaths in Detention in 1993

    Twenty-one people died in suspicious circumstances while in police custody in 1993. These deaths took place in police or gendarmarie stations throughout Turkey during the interrogation phase of investigations. They follow on the deaths of at least 17 people who died while under interrogation in police custody in 1992.

  • Human Rights Violations in the U.S.

    A Report on U.S. Compliance with the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

    Last year, the United States formally adopted the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), undertaking a commitment to ensure the covenant's protections for "all individuals within its territory." the American Civil Liberties Union and Human Rights Watch have prepared this report - the first of its kind -covering race and sex discrimination, prisoners' rights, police brutality

  • State of War

    Political Violence and Counterinsurgency in Colombia

    On November 8, 1992, Colombian President César Gaviria Trujillo adopted a series of emergency decrees restricting civil liberties, granting additional powers to the military, and punishing contact or dialogue with insurgent groups. The decrees marked a reversion to authoritarian patterns of rule supposedly left behind with the passage of the 1991 Constitution.

  • War or Peace?

    Human Rights and Russian Military Involvement in the “Near Abroad”

    The Russian Federation is engaged in military policies in several armed conflicts in the “near abroad” — the countries of the former Soviet Union — that simultaneously protect and violate human rights.

  • Human Rights in Tajikistan

    In the Wake of Civil War

    During a six-month period in 1992, Tajikistan’s civil war claimed as many as 20,000 lives and displaced over 400,000 people.