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  • Clinton Administration Policy & H. R. In Africa

    The Clinton administration deserves commendation for its recent efforts to develop a fresh approach toward Africa. The continent is finally receiving high-level attention from the U.S. government, including a trip by Secretary of State Albright in December 1997 and a historic visit from President Clinton in 1998. The emphasis of the administration's new Africa policy is on trade and security.

  • Bearing the Brunt of the Asian Economic Crisis

    Impact on Labor Rights & Migrant Workers in Asia

    The collapse of the Asian economy has given rise to massive layoffs of workers and wage and benefit cuts, not only in those countries worst affected by the economic crisis, but region-wide.

  • "Prohibited Persons"

    Abuse of Undocumented Migrants, Asylum Seekers, and Refugees in South Africa

    Unpunished attacks on foreigners in South Africa are disturbingly common; and foreigners are regularly victimized by the South African police,the army, and by guards at detention facilities. Detention conditions for migrants awaiting deportation are substandard and overcrowded. South Africa's treatment of refugees is also troubling, and fails to conform with international standards.

  • Proxy Targets

    Civilians in the War in Burundi

    The civilian population of Burundi feels trapped between the two sides in the civil war, as both the armed forces and the rebels have used civilians as proxy targets. The civil war raging in Burundi since October 1993 has above all been a war against civilians. When Major Pierre Buyoya took power in a July 1996 coup, he claimed that he was intervening to prevent an expansion of ethnic violence.

  • Indonesia Alert

    Economic Crisis Leads to Scapegoating of Ethnic Chinese, February 1998

    In Indonesia, rising costs of basic goods has produced violent protests aimed at ethnic Chinese, who dominate the retail economy.