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  • The Enron Corporation

    Corporate Complicity in Human Rights Violations

    This report focuses on a subsidiary of the Enron Development Corporation in India: the Dabhol Power Corporation (DPC).

  • Systemic Injustice

    Torture, “Disappearance,” and Extrajudicial Execution in Mexico

    Torture, "disappearances," and extrajudicial executions remain widespread in Mexico, despitenumerous legal and institutional reforms adduced by successive Mexican governments asevidence of their commitment to protecting human rights. Indeed, reforms have taken place, butthey have failed to abate, much less resolve, these serious, seemingly intractable problems.

  • Deepening Authoritarianism in Serbia

    The Purge of the Universities

    Under the pretext of “depoliticizing” the campuses, the Serbian parliament in May 1998 enacted a law that removed basic protections for academic freedom and destroyed the autonomy of universities in Serbia.

  • Greece: The Turks of Western Thrace

    This report examines the situation of the ethnic Turkish minority of Thrace, a region of Greece. It serves as a follow-up to two earlier reports issued by Human Rights Watch, Destroying Ethnic Identity: The Turks of Greece (August 1990) and "Greece: Improvements for Turkish Minority;Problems Remain" (April 1992).

  • "Nobody's Children"

    Jamaican Children in Police Detention and Government Institutions

    In the island nation of Jamaica, many children-often as young as twelve or thirteen-are detained for long periods, sometimes six months or more, in filthy and overcrowded police lockups, in spite of international standards and Jamaican laws that forbid such treatment.