• Violence against human rights and other activists in Cambodia increased in the run-up to national elections in July 2013. Prime Minister Hun Sen has kept himself in office more than 27 years through force and intimidation, making him one of the world’s leaders longest in power. Violence involving state security forces occurred amidst increasing land grabs by powerful business and security interests, often through official corruption in unbridled foreign investment. Labor unrest grew as workers’ rights were suppressed. The opposition party leader remains exiled in France rather than face prison in Cambodia on politically motivated charges. Cambodian judicial officers continue to implement Hun Sen’s pronouncements by refusing to investigate additional Khmer Rouge suspects for the Khmer Rouge special tribunal.

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  • Demonstrators gathered at the Cambodian National Assembly on November 14, 2014, calling for release of imprisoned human rights defenders.
    Killings by security forces, arrests of activists and opposition politicians, summary trials, and crackdowns on peaceful protest characterized the human rights situation in Cambodia in 2014.

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