Discrimination Against Women in the Ukrainian Labor Force
August 27, 2003

Gender discrimination in Ukraine is cutting women out of the work force while the Ukrainian government is doing nothing to stop the problem. This 52-page report describes how Ukrainian employers discriminate against women job seekers in the way they announce vacancies and interview applicants. Both government agencies and private businesses regularly request male applicants more frequently than females in their job advertisements. Employers also use information on women's family circumstances-which they require the women to give during interviews-to deny women employment. Age and appearance requirements also exclude many women from jobs for which they are professionally qualified. Government officials routinely deny that discrimination against women in the labor force is a problem in Ukraine. But Ministry of Labor inspectors lack the will and the training to investigate discriminatory recruitment practices. Meanwhile, the State Employment Service endorses such discrimination by posting vacancy announcements with gender specifications, and even requesting gender-specific vacancy information from employers. Human Rights Watch appeals to the Ukrainian government, the European Union, and international organizations to take bolder steps in promoting non-discrimination.

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ISBN: D1505