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(Book-length reports are listed in italics. Shorter newsletters are in Roman. To order any of the following, please call our Publications Department at 212-972-8400 and ask for the most recent publications catalog.)

Africa Watch


"Waiting for Justice Shortcomings in Establishing the Rule of Law," May.


"Revolutionary Injustice: Abuse of the Legal System Under the pndc Government," January.


Conspicuous Destruction: War, Famine and The Reform Process in Mozambique, July.


Accountability in Namibia: Human Rights and the Transition to Democracy, August.


"Contradicting Itself: An Undemocratic Transition Seeks To Bring Democracy Nearer," April.

"'Silencing the Vocal Opposition': Crackdown on Democracy Advocates; Four Human Rights Activists and One Student Face Treason," June.


"Talking Peace and Waging War: Human Rights Since the October 1990 Invasion," February.


"A Fight to the Death? Leaving Civilians at the Mercy of Terror and Starvation," February.

"No Mercy in Mogadishu: The Human Cost of the Conflict & The Struggle for Relief," March.

South Africa

"Accounting for the Past," October.


"The Ghosts Remain," April.

"Refugees In Their Own Country," July.

"Eradicating the Nuba," September.

"Violations of Academic Freedom," November.


"Two Years Without Transition," July.

Americas Watch


The Struggle for Land in Brazil: Rural Violence Continues, May.

Criminal Injustiça: A Violência Contra A Mulher no Brasil (Portuguese version), July.

"Prison Massacre in Sao Paulo", October.


"The Struggle for Truth and Justice for Past Human Rights Violations," July.


Political Murder and Reform in Colombia, April.


"Tightening the Grip: Human Right Abuses in Cuba," February.

Dominican Republic

"Dominican Authorities Ban Creole Radio Program and Crack Down on Protesters," April.

A Troubled Year: Haitians in the Dominican Republic (with National Coalition for Haitian Refugees), October.

El Salvador

"The Massacre at El Mozote: The Need to Remember," March.

"Peace and Human Rights: Successes and Shortcomings of the United Nations Observer Mission in El Salvador (onusal)," September.


"Half the Story: The Skewed U.S. Monitoring of Repatriated Haitian Refugees" (with National Coalition for Haitian Refugees), June.


Brutality Unchecked: Human Rights Abuses Along the U.S. Border with Mexico, June.


"An Encouraging Victory in the Search for Truth and Justice," October.


"Civil Society and Democracy Under Fire" (also available in Spanish), August.

"El Perú de Fujimori: Golpe a la Democracia y a los Derechos Humanos" (available in Spanish only), August.

Untold Terror: Violence Against Women in Peru's Armed Conflict, December.

United States

"Dangerous Dialogue: Attacks on Freedom of Expression in Miami's Cuban Exile Community," August.

Asia Watch


"Human Rights in Burma in 1991," January.

"Rape, Forced Labor and Religious Persecution in Northern Arakan," May.

"Changes in Burma?," September.


Political Control, Human Rights and the U.N. Mission in Cambodia, September.


"Evidence of Crackdown on Labor Movement Mounts, "May.

Anthems of Defeat: Crackdown in Hunan Province 1989-92, May.

"Defense Statement of Chen Ziming," June.

"The Trial of Bao Tong," August.

"Political Prisoners Abused in Liaoning Province," September.

Hong Kong

"Refugees at Risk: Forced Repatriation of Vietnamese from Hong Kong," August.


"Before the Deluge: Human Rights Abuses at India's Narmada Dam," June.

Human Rights in India: Police Killings and Rural Violence in Andhra Pradesh, September.


"Asia Watch Criticizes Commission Report on East Timor," January.

"Asia Watch Calls for International Monitors at Trials of East Timorese," January.

"Commission of Inquiry Needed for Aceh," February.

"Attempts to Intimidate Labor and Environmental Activists in North Sumatra," April.

"Anatomy of Press Censorship in Indonesia: The Case of Jakarta, Jakarta and the Dili Massacre," April.

"Deception and Harassment of East Timorese Workers," May.

"East Timor: The Courts Martial," June.


Double Jeopardy: Police Abuse of Women in Custody in Pakistan, June.


Bad Blood: Militia Abuses in Mindanao, April.

Sri Lanka

"Preliminary Findings of Asia Watch Mission to Sri Lanka," February.

"The Sri Lankan Conflict and Standards of Humanitarian Law," April.

Human Rights Accountability in Sri Lanka, May.

"Memorandum to the Sri Lankan Government," July.


"Abuses Against Burmese Refugees in Thailand," March.

`Bloody May,' Excessive Use of Lethal Force in Bangkok (with Physicians For Human Rights), October.


Political Prisoners in Tibet, February.

Helsinki Watch


"Decommunization Measures Violate Freedom of Expression and Due Process Standards," April.

Struggling for Ethnic Identity: Czechoslovakia's Endangered Gypsies, August.


"Foreigners Out" Xenophobia and Right-Wing Violence in Germany, October.


"Improvements for Turkish Minority; Problems Remain," April.


"Hidden Victims: Women in Post-Communist Poland," March.


Prison Conditions in Spain, April.


Nothing Unusual: The Torture of Children in Turkey, January.

"Turkey: Violence Against Civilians Increasing," January.

Denying Human Rights and Ethnic Identity: The Greeks of Turkey," March.

"Kurds Massacred: Turkish Forces Kill Scores of Peaceful Demonstrators," June.

"Turkey: Five Journalists Killed; Free Expression Restricted," June.

"Eleven Deaths in Police Detention Since February; Three Were Children Who `Committed Suicide,'" June.

"Human Rights Activist Murdered; Human Rights Association Under Attack," July.

"Eight Journalists Killed Since February; A Ninth Critically Wounded," August.

United Kingdom

Prison Conditions in the United Kingdom, June.

Children in Northern Ireland, July.

Former USSR

"Human Rights Violations in the New Georgia," January.

Bloodshed in the Caucasus: Violations of Humanitarian Law and Human Rights in the Georgian-South Ossetian Conflict, April.

"New Citizenship Laws in the Republics of the Former USSR," April.

"Overview of Areas of Armed Conflict in the Former USSR," June.

"Russian Residence and Travel Restrictions," August.

Bloodshed in the Caucasus: Escalation of the Armed Conflict in Nagorno Karabakh, September.

United States "English Only: Attack on Minority Language Speakers in the U.S.," March.

Former Yugoslavia

Letter to President Slobodan Milosevic and General Blagoje Adzic, January.

Letter to President Franjo Tudjman, February.

War Crimes in Bosnia-Hercegovina, August.

Yugoslavia: Human Rights Abuses in Kosovo, 1990-1992, October.

Middle East Watch


"Algeria Since the Halt of the Electoral Process" (abridgement in Arabic), February.


"Update: Arab Women's Solidarity Association," December, 1991.

"Torture in Egypt: Statement by Dr. Mandour," December, 1991.

"Arrest & Detention Practices & Prison Conditions," March.

"Court Upholds Closure of Women's Association," June.

Behind Closed Doors: Torture & Detention, July.


Unquiet Graves: Disappeared in Iraqi Kurdistan, February.

Endless Torment: March 1991 Uprising in Iraq, June.

Hidden Death: Land Mines & Civilian Casualties, November.

Iraqi Kurdistan: The Destruction of Koreme During the Anfal Campaign, December.

"Methods of Repression, Past and Present," December.


"Israeli Interrogation Methods Under Fire," March.


"Kuwait's Stolen Incubators," February.

"Punishing the Victim: Rape & Mistreatment of Asian Maids," August.


"Human Rights in Morocco and Western Sahara in 1991," March.

Saudi Arabia

Empty Reforms: Saudi Arabia's New Basic Laws, May.


"Syria: Human Rights Workers on Trial," March.

Indefinite Political Detention in Syria, November.


"New Restrictions on Freedom of Association, Tunisian League Closes," June.

"Military Courts Violated Basic Fair-Trial Norms," October.


"Steps Towards a Civil Society," October.

Fund for Free Expression

"The Threat Against Salman Rushdie" (with Association of American Publishers), February.

"English Only: The Attack on Minority Language Speakers in the United States," March.

"Persecuted Writers Recognized: 36 writers from 16 countries receive funds from the estates of Lillian Hellman and Dashiell Hammett," June.

"Electrifying Speech: New Communications Technology and Traditional Civil Liberties," July.

"Dangerous Dialogue: Attacks on Freedom of Expression in Miami's Cuban Exile Community" (with Americas Watch), August.

Human Rights Watch

Human Rights Watch World Report 1992, January.

"`Hate Speech' and Freedom of Expression" (Policy Paper), March.

Defending the Earth: Abuses of Human Rights and the Environment, June.

Indivisible Human Rights: The Relationship of Political and Civil Rights to Survival, Subsistence and Poverty, September.

Prison Project


"Prison Massacre in Sao Paulo," October.


Prison Conditions in Spain (English and Spanish), April.

United Kingdom

Prison Conditions in the United Kingdom, June.

Women's Rights Project


Criminal Injustiça: A Violência Contra A Mulher no Brasil, (Portuguese version), July.


"Sterilization of Romany Women" in Struggling for Ethnic Identity: Czechoslovakia's Endangered Gypsies, August.


"Punishing The Victim: Rape and Mistreatment of Asian Maids in Kuwait," August.


Double Jeopardy: Police Abuse of Women in Pakistan, June.


"Hidden Victims: Women in Post-Communist Poland," March.


Untold Terror: Violence Against Women in Peru's Armed Conflict, December.

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