December 15, 2009

In the Name of Unity

The Yemeni Government’s Brutal Response to Southern Movement Protests

I. Recommendations
To the Government of Yemen
To the Southern Movement
To Yemen’s Neighbors and Donors
II. Methodology
III. Background
Unity and Secession
Security Forces
IV. The Southern Movement: An Overview
Genesis and Make-up of the Southern Movement
Declared Nonviolence and Armed Clashes
Al Qaeda in Yemen and the Southern Movement
V. Unlawful Use of Deadly Force against Peaceful Protestors
Legal Provisions on Freedom of Assembly and the Use of Deadly Force
The Role of Pro-government Militias
Denial of Medical Care and Attacks Against Medical Staff and Facilities
VI.  Arbitrary Detentions and Unfair Trials
Legal standards
Mass Arbitrary Arrests
Other Arbitrary Arrests
Long-term Detention Without Charge
Detention of Children
VII. Press Censorship and Attacks against Journalists and Newspapers
Legal Standards on Freedom of Expression
“Red Lines”: Government-Imposed Self-Censorship
Closure of Al-Ayyam Newspaper
Multiple Closure of Newspapers, May-June 2009
Arrests of Journalists
Attacks against Al Jazeera Television
Detention of Bloggers and Blocking of Websites
Saudi Arrest and Rendition of Yemeni Bloggers
VIII. Detention of Academics and Other Opinion-makers
Detention of Husain ‘Aqil
House Arrest of Salih Yahya Sa’id
Abduction of Abd al-Khaliq Muthanna Abdullah