November 12, 2008


Bill Van Esveld, Arthur Helton fellow at Human Rights Watch, wrote this report. Joe Stork, deputy director of the Middle East and North Africa Division, Bill Frelick, director of the Refugee Program and Policy Program, and Ian Gorvin, senior program officer in the Program Office of Human Rights Watch, edited the report. Clive Baldwin, senior legal advisor, provided legal review. Translated by Leeam Azulay-Yagev, then an associate in the Human Rights Watch Program Office, and Noga Malkin, an intern with the Middle East and North Africa division, conducted research in Hebrew and provided translations. Shirly Eran and Maya Johnston translated the report to Hebrew. Legal research assistance was provided by Bina Ahmad. Belkis Wille assisted with internet research. Photos were provided by freelance photojournalist Natan Dvir.