December 9, 2013

They Treat Us Like Animals

Mistreatment of Drug Users and “Undesirables” in Cambodia’s Drug Detention Centers

Map 1: Closed Drug Detention Centers and the Planned National Center
Map 2: Current Drug Detention Centers in Cambodia
To the Government of Cambodia
To the Ministry of Health
To the Government of Vietnam
To the Country Offices of United Nations Agencies and Cambodia’s Bilateral and Multilateral Donors
To Foreign Embassies and United Nations Agencies in Phnom Penh
I. Background
Drug Users in Cambodia
Drug Detention Centers
II. Findings
Locking Away Cambodia’s “Undesirables”
Cleaning the Streets of People Who Use Drugs
Detaining Other “Undesirable” People
Street Sweeps for Foreign Dignitaries
Physical and Sexual Abuse
Forced Labor
III. International Legal Standards
Right to Health
Arbitrary Arrest and Detention
Torture and Ill-Treatment in Custody
Detention of Children
Detention of Persons with Disabilities
Forced Labor
Annex 1: Correspondence with the Cambodian Government
Annex 2: Correspondence with Vietnam’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs