July 24, 2008

Appeasing China

Restricting the Rights of Tibetans in Nepal

Map of South Asia
Map of the Kathmandu Valley
I. Summary
Key recommendations
II. Background
III. Violations of the Right to Peaceful Assembly
Unnecessary and excessive use of force
Dispersing crowds
Police assaults against protesters
Attacks on journalists
Sexual assault of women during arrest
IV. Arbitrary Arrest and Detention
Preventive arrest and detention
Preventive detention under the Public Security Act
V. Treatment in Detention
Sexual harassment of women
Denied or restricted medical care
Substandard conditions in detention
VI. Threats, Harassment, and Intimidation of Tibetans
Threats of deportation
Threats of violence
Police surveillance and visits
Taking of photographs
Making lists of those to be detained
VII. Restrictions on Freedom of Movement, Expression, and Assembly
VIII. China's Role
IX. Recommendations
To the government of Nepal
To the government of China
To concerned states and donors
To the United Nations agencies and mechanisms