September 21, 2006

"With Friends Like These…"

Human Rights Violations in Azad Kashmir

Map of the Kashmir Region
Map of the Districts of Azad Kashmir
Frequently Used Abbreviations
I. Summary
Key recommendations
II. Background
Social and demographic facts
Culture and ethnicity
The Pakistan-India dispute over Kashmir
The role of militant groups
The politics of water
III. Constitutional Structure of Azad Kashmir and Its Relationship to Pakistan
Interference and control by Islamabad in Azad Kashmir politics
IV. Restrictions on Freedom of Expression
Loyalty oath
Print media and publishing
Electronic media and telecommunications
Public protest
V. Restrictions on the Right to Participate in Elections and Related Abuses
The 2001 elections
The 2006 elections
VI. Torture and Other Forms of Mistreatment
VII. Discrimination and Abuse Against Post-1989 Refugees
VIII. Detailed Recommendations