Senior Researcher, Asia Division

David Scott Mathieson is the senior researcher on Burma in the Asia Division of Human Rights Watch. He was born in Scotland and grew up in Australia and Malaysia. Since 1995, David has worked on various issues related to military rule and repression in Burma, and from 2002 has been an academic researcher living in the Thailand-Burma borderlands, looking at the complex interplay of refugees, narcotics and civil conflict in Burma. He has been a teacher and academic researcher at a number of universities in Australia, including Flinders University and the Australian National University.

David joined Human Rights Watch in August 2006, and has worked on several reports and investigations including the 2007 crackdown on peaceful protests in Burma, child soldiers, internal displacement and refugees, and harassment of the Burmese political opposition.


Militia Redux. The Or Sor and the Revival of Paramilitarism in Thailand, co-author (with Desmond Ball), 2007 

The Illusion of Progress. The Political Economy of Reform in Burma/Myanmar, co-editer (with R.J. May), 2004

A Plague on Both Your Houses: Minor Parties in Australia, co-author (with Dean Jeansch), 1998